The pool will be closed April 2 - May 31 for renovations. View alternate pool schedule for April & May>>


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The Tropics Indoor Waterpark will be closed April 2 - May 31, 2018, for the renovation of the poolside locker rooms, maintenance of the current waterpark area, and completion of the connection to the new waterpark expansion. We will be offering limited swim lessons at Highview Middle School on Monday & Wednesday evenings, and at Chippewa Middle School on Saturday afternoons.

Level 5 (L5) - Dolphins

Level 5 refines coordination and technique while increasing endurance in the front and back crawl and elementary backstroke while learning the butterfly. Swimmers will learn the following:

  • Front crawl with 1 flip turn (100 yards)
  • Back crawl with open turns (100 yards)
  • Elementary backstroke (100 yards)
  • Breaststroke (50 yards)
  • Butterfly (1/2 length)
  • Dolphin kick (50 yards)

Level 6 (L6) - Orcas

Level 6 polishes strokes and develops a strong technique to allow swimming with more ease, efficiency and power over greater distances. Swimmers will learn the following:

  • Front Crawl with flip turns (200 yards)
  • Back crawl with open turns (200 yards)
  • Breaststroke with underwater pull outs (11 yards)
  • Butterfly (25 yards)
  • Individual Medley (100 yards)
  • Sidestroke (25 yards)

Introduction to Lifeguarding (IL)

During this class you will join a professional lifeguard to learn about water safety, first aid techniques, and basic water rescues. Participants will get the chance to shadow a lifeguard in rotation to gain a better understanding of the daily responsibilities of a lifeguard.

Introduction to Swim Team (IS)

This is a great place to begin your journey into competitive swimming. Students will work on stroke technique and build endurance in the butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle, along with competitive turns. This class is one hour.